Golden boy pee

Kids can earn more costly things by earning points toward the reward. When she finally getts to go on the potty and uses it properly praise her for a high five or a piece small candy or sticker. You guys could go on an imaginary journey to meet up with a wise fairy/wonder woman/detective (who ever resonates most with her) to help you guys get to the bottom of the mystery of the pee in her pants! i imagine if you frame it/explore it as a mystery and something outside of her–it may turn into something you 2 can work together to solve! i hope this helps! if you have any other questions, feel free to msg me. Third-year high school student koyomi araragi is human again. ; too much myoglobin in the blood can overwhelm your kidneys and lead to kidney failure. It certainly sounds that you have tried just about everything under the sun, and your frustration is certainly warranted.

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The child was unable to control the wetting. She needed more information to determine whether the arrangement was ethical.