Facial sling byrne

Nevertheless, facial palsy related to salivary gland cancer is uncommon. Techniques to reanimate the lower lid include canthoplasty, lid-tightening procedures, and lid suspension. In the past, published experiences on strategies for optimizing functional outcomes in facial paralysis patients were primarily based on small case series and described a wide variety of surgical techniques. Just prior to surgery you may be given a pre-medication tablet to relax you. Therefore, reconstructive facial reanimation surgery is not a routine undertaking for most head and neck surgeons.


If you cannot pass urine, can pass only a small amount or have bladder discomfort please let your nurse know. Physical therapy, in the form of neuromuscular facial retraining can be performed utilizing techniques such as biofeedback, where a patient practices with the assistance of a mirror or an emg device, The plane of dissection in the hairbearing region is kept deep to the roots of the hair follicles and superficial to the fascia of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.