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He voiced an unforgettably zany blue genie in the 1992 walt disney feature. All of herman’s iconic images from this golden era have polished rembrandt-like contrasts and the perspective of an excited fan. Seeking to expand his empire, he left new york city in the 1930s to set up bootlegging and gambling operations on the west coast. Robin williams, an indefatigable, improvisational genius, arrived on screens as an alien and left as an academy award-winning actor. Was the nun who founded the largest religious network, eternal word television network, starting with only $200. Herman’s goal was twofold: to preserve the expressive poetry of exceptional musicians and singers, and to capture and share jazz’s nocturnal mystique. My contract was for $100 a week.

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I’m so thankful for ru-clip and peoples channels-that i can watch this wonderful american history. Any jazz fan can identify ellington sitting at the front table & behind him benny goodman, but i only learned from a recent interview with herman leonard the identity of the distinguished-looking gentleman on right. Was inducted into the grammy hall of fame in 1986.