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She describes falling into the archival profession and wanting to be the college archivist at smith college for a number of years before the job opened up. Faison’s first paying job was part-time in a sandwich shop, and then she worked as a nursing aide in a nursing home. As a theologian, plaskow is trained in christian theology, although she is committed to her jewish faith and over time decided to do her theological work within the jewish tradition. It is hard to believe that a school would not say the pledge. How are you perceived? She is a graduate of central michigan university and northern illinois university (where she received her ph. Kaufman is an eminent pediatrician, currently serving as the division head of adolescent medicine at sickkids hospital in toronto, where she has worked for the past 20+ years.

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Ahl has two children and currently lives with her wife of 11 years. Kaufman recounts the court experience and then reflects on parenting and partner relationships, both in general and within the lgbt community.