Clitoris self mutilation by women

There are many beliefs that add to the supposed reasons for the existence of female genital mutilation. Javanese music thumps from an assembly hall. Cheap jeans and t-shirts spilled out of shops. While the practice of fgm remains in the female sphere and women are commonly considered the excisors and the perpetrators of the practice, the underlying role of men cannot be over emphasized. 6% got postpartum hemorrhage (or. She looks like she wants to punch somebody.

Social pressure

The following two maps show the percentages of women and girls in africa from the ages of 15-49 who have undergone a fgm surgery. It is a frustrating situation but one that he has to work with, he said. Many myths about fgm, particularly those relating to hygiene and aesthetics have been passed down from generation to generation without being questioned and are subsequently held on to with tenacity.