Nonprofit Providers of STEM Programs

The following are all excellent STEM programs and providers. Please contact them if they can help you or you can help them.

          Challenger Learning Center of Colorado -- Where the Adventure Begins.


  Colorado Springs Academy School District 20 -- Where dreams take flight, one student at a time.


  Colorado Springs School District 11 -- The world is changing.  Meet the future.

 Cool Science

  Cool Science


  National Space Science & Technology Institute -- Enlighten, Inspire, Engage! Serving students and teachers in the Pikes Peak region with the Star Light - Star Bright Observatory.

 Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Center

  Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Center -- ...a whole new species of fun.


  Space Foundation -- Inspiring tomorrow's explorers!


  UCCS - Center for STEM Education (CSTEME) and PIPES -- Look at their programs and partnerships to see how you, your school or your company can be involved.