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This CCESSE Resource Exchange is owned and operated by the Colorado Consortium for Earth and Space Science Education. This site is intended to help quickly connect STEM needs to solutions. If you have comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at info@clccs.org.

The site is driven and funded through a partnership of CCESSE and the United States Air Force Academy.

CCESSE Board of Directors

Chairman Emeritus:  Lt. Gen. Winfield W. Scott, Jr. (USAF Ret) 

Chair:  Dr. Gary R. Coulter

Vice-Chair:  Mrs. Vivian Teets

Secretary/TreasurerDr. Bruce L. Doyle


Col. Thomas I. Anderson (USAF Ret)

Mr. Brad Barnes

Mr. Willie L. Daniels, II 

Dr. Mark Hatchell

General Lance W. Lord (USAF Ret)

Mr. Dan McNulty


Col. Robert G. Peterson (USAF Ret)

Mr. Stephen E. Smith


Ms. Tracey Tomme